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Digital event experiences

Digital event and broadcast experiences

What can you achieve through having digital events

There are many things you can achieve by turning your event into a digital one and broadcasting it live via online platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook Live. Below are some of the benefits, bonuses and things you can achieve through using our Hybrid and Virtual digital event broadcast solutions.

Platform Agnostic.

Hybrid and Virtual Events are both “Platform Agnostic”. This means that they are free from any of the restrictions various computer operating systems and media platforms have in place. This allows for the seamless running across all media platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Vimeo and more. It is also fully accessible through different operating systems such as, Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android, and thus by all forms of hardware, such as, laptops, smartphones and even VR headsets. Having this capability allows for a wider reach of virtual audience members.

Greater Accessibility.

Having the ability to stream your event online comes with many benefits. The main one being accessibility. An online livestream has the potential to reach a world-wide audience and being “Platform Agnostic” can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Alongside this world-wide reach, a digital event can also bring in multiple participants and presenters from anywhere within the world and have seamless interactions and conversations with one another along with the host and virtual audience members.

A Greener Solution

We already offset our carbon emissions but we understand that it is better to reduce where we can, rather than just offsetting. This is why we have come up with a number of solutions to reduce our carbon footprint when putting on our Hybrid and Virtual Events. By default, live streaming an event online reduces everyone’s carbon footprint as audience members don’t need to travel. Similarly, as mentioned above, we have the means to bring in presenters and panellists virtually, without the need for them to travel. But what about the people that do need to travel, such as the host. Well, they have the option to travel to our permeant setup based in a venue in Oxford, that uses the same amount of power to run as a hair dryer. Alternatively we can come to them. Offsetting our carbon emissions of course.

Cost effective

Although it may not seem like it a Virtual or Hybrid event is actually much cheaper to put on and run than a physical event. For a start, both events require a fraction of the equipment that would usually be required for a big production event, without any compromising on the look and aesthetics of the event. Although you will still need to hire a venue for a Hybrid Event. With a Virtual Event you can go bigger and better with no added cost. For example if you wanted to host your Virtual Event in the O2 Arena in London or even inside one of the Egyptian pyramids at Giza, you can, without the cost. You can also have your Virtual Event recorded, then re-rendered in different environments. This means unlimited experiences and various events with the same content, at limited extra cost.

Interactive and Bespoke Branding

By hosting a digital event you have numerous options for engaging, interactive and bespoke branding. Logo animations, overlaying graphics and much more can be added either in post-production or live to help engage your virtual audience. Through the Virtual Event system you can even go one step further and have interactive polling with graphs, stats and even discussions between audience members popping up in your virtual space. You can also further to increase interaction and engagement by adding in virtual games.

Other Stream Solutions

Although we mainly offer Hybrid and Virtual Events solutions we are also happy to assist with and host your event via smaller platforms such as Zoom, Hopin (a virtual stage platform similar to Zoom) or any other platform on which you choose to host your event.

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