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Virtual Events

How do we supply virtual event broadcasts, pick your rtmp streaming platform and away we go.

This list is not expansive, any questions please don't hesitate to ask!



Before anything, we need to know what you want and why you want it.
Let us know what you are trying to achieve

Technical design

So digital delivery is right for you, we need to design the technical makeup to make it work

Initial digital design

Wow, so the technical requirements of your event work, that's great lets give it a look

div3 1.png

Full render

nice, so the design works, lets add the technical requirements in so we can see how it all works together!

Transitions, animations and "sparkle"

Great, so technically and aesthetically this works for you, perfect lets give it some sparkle

Polish and optimisation

So its all working as it should, lets make it look a bit more realistic and lets gets these items optimized for live use


Camera dynamics

Programming movement of the camera to be combined with all the previous elements

Lets go live

Now its time for the stream or to upload the recording. Lets wait for questions or for the gamification section


Hey, we did everything you wanted, how can we make it better for you?

What was perfect and what could we do better?

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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