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Pre recording and post production

Hhigh-end video and audio recording and post-production editing for every Virtual or Hybrid event we do.

This list is not expansive, any questions please don't hesitate to ask!



So you would like to add pre-recorded material to your livestream and also record your Hybrid or Virtual Event so you can post it to your website or any other online platforms for future viewing

We can defiantly accommodate.


With fully 4K Cinematic cameras and professional filming equipment we recommend that any prerecording you would like in your live stream is done onsite, allowing the most professional quality recording possible.

However, if this is not possible, we can easily record any material virtually over Zoom or similar video calling software.

Titles and holding graphics

In advance we can create any graphics, animations or holding slides to place into your Hybrid or Virtual Event live stream or prerecord. These can be anything from banners popping up at the bottom of the screen to fully animations - They can really give the wow factor to your livestream deserves.


Post production

Now we have your prerecorded material or recoded your Virtual or Hybrid Event it is time start on the post-production process. Using our powerful editing software, we can add in any extra media, lower thirds or graphic overlays you require to make your recording sparkle.

Recorded and ready to go

With the recording broadcast ready, looking amazing and the same across the board - now it is time for the livestream or to upload the recording.


Hey, we did everything you wanted, how can we make it better for you?

What was perfect and what could we do better?

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