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Hybrid events

Firstly, what is a hybrid event? 
A Hybrid event acts almost like a normal live event but then using cameras and streaming equipment is then broadcast live to attendees in other parts of the world. This allows both attendees and speakers to either be live in the venue or speak and view the event from home, office, or wherever they choose!

This is a basic run through of how we make this style of event work. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have about how to take it further and any personal requirements you would like to add.



You have an upcoming event but some of your delegates or speakers are unable to make it to site, or in current times social distancing needs to be followed within the venue - you need a hybrid delivery of the content, part live, part virtual/streamed.

Technical design

So you need an onsite event with digital delivery, based on your requirements and how you want the event to function digitally we will need to plan this section with you. Communication and planning are the key to making your event run as smoothly as possible.

Initial quote including digital implementation

So now we know we can run the event the way you want - be it bells and whistles or just streamed out we can start working on getting some exact costs out to you.


Pre recordings and testing

It's time to get the presentations in to test and to pre record anyone who is unable to make it. By having control over all of it we can make the event look and feel seamless across the board to everyone. Testing before hand allows us to make sure all speakers involved that are streaming in are up to date and confident using any video systems they need to use.


We can work with your venue to produce the event, technically and aesthetically so that your online guests and your onsite guests both have a seamless experience.


We as a team strive for perfection and therefore are always looking for ways to improve! 

Please let us know of any areas through this whole process that we could improve upon.

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