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What if we told you it was possible to have an event in the matrix?

Ok, so that was a smidge of a lie and its not possible as yet, but as things move forward and we embrace high quality digital delivery of events (as we do for entertainment on a daily basis already) why is it so unbelievable?

As the world is taken forward with intelligent volumetric AR and VR the bridge between being onsite at an event and being in your living room is closing and this is a good thing!

Imagine Virtuating your event to have a minimal carbon cost - You are no longer working towards landfill or CO2 in the air but are actively engaging your community to work towards something more positive. Why move people around the world to a keynote speech when digital delivery of an event can be hugely powerful, with less cost, more dynamic and hugely interactive - Gamification anyone (Really this can work for networking?!)?

So, as far as I know we are not in the Matrix, but we are getting there - fingers crossed without the megalomaniac software.

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