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Your event, only different.

In an unpredictable world, design and build your own event space.

Invite your guests to come and experience a truly different online viewing experience from product launches to conferences in area's from TV studio's to the dark side of the moon.

Effective studio and mobile studio solutions for digital event experiences.

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All Videos

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Why would I want to run a digital broadcast for my event?

What can VIRTU8 do for you?

Solution that's platform agnostic to broadcast your event with gamification, unique and stand out events

What is our ethos?

30 mile radius - full production further afield just IT, production must be supplied by an AV company

Why VIRTU8 your event

Why go digital, why add gamification, why build a unique event space

How is VIRTU8 different?

Cost effective, training, Arch Viz trained, event trained

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Innovation conversation

7th October 2020

Asked to design and replicate a world renowned Oxford university building to host an virtual panel discussion. Streamed to Youtube, Twitter and Facebook

Digital office for events

20th March 2020

Even before the pandemic was called and the UK went in to full lockdown.

We had already taken the notion of having a office at home, we just designed our own digitally

Property awards ceremony

16th September 2020

After 4 months of programming testing and planning our first ambitious virtual event took place in a starlit environment featuring live speakers and nominees receiving awards live over zoom - streamed to Youtube

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